From wastewater to infinite water.

When it comes to getting rid of domestic waste there are loads of sanitation solutions.
None of these are more efficient than flushing a water closet with integrated flush or a bucket of water.

In an ideal world this flushed away water is treated to be used over and over again:
this ultimate way of recycling we call infinite water!
The bluelephant was compiled to secure this infinite water flow.

A Bluelephant allows…

for solar powered, small footprint and low cost, decentralised treatment and reuse; of wastewater
for irrigation, or artificial recharge of groundwater. with an additional purification step it can also be purified to drinking water.

Above all, it ensures instant human
and environmental health
at community level.

In In the Bluelephant we combined existing and proven technologies in an extremely compact device. The effluent can even be turned into drinking water;
Can we make it more `INFINITE’?

When water matters.

From this fall on our first units will be installed in various locations for field tests.
From the water rich city of Amsterdam and the Eastern highland of Overijssel in Holland, to the Westbank in Palestine and the Sinai desert in Egypt, our devices will start their audacious voyage around the world.