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The journey of BluElephant

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How do you combine the love for water & technology, the urge to devise the best water treatment solution and the fun of constantly challenging each other with the ambition to make the world a bit better? The answer to all these questions can be found in the BluElephant.

The BluElephant is already being used in several locations around the world. This marks the first steps of our journey. In the coming months we will take you on a journey to new destinations. At every destination we will show how the BluElephant makes the difference. At the same time, we zoom in on high-tech techniques that we use and the challenges we have to face. The first destination we will visit next time is in the Middle East. An area where water is scarce and will become increasingly scarce in the near future.

Curious what this journey can bring you?

Follow us on this journey. During this trip we will also ask you to think along, share our stories and suggesties new stories. See your soon, at our first destination of the BluElephant.

The BluElephant team

Bluelephant is a public private partnership with:

Jotem Waterbehandeling BV
De Watergang 16
7671 SW Vriezenveen

+31- 650265717

In public Private Partnership met:

In public Private Partnership met